Responsibility & sustainability

Tuumaaspiresto move the workwear industry towards simpler and more sustainable direction. By constantly improving on our impact on the environment,peopleand society, we aim to becomeone ofthe most sustainable actors intheworkwear business. 




Our mission is to develop our collections so that no garment or shoe is made for nothing. Every product is designed to be simple,  high-quality and sustainable.    

The objective is to design the products in a way that they work for multiple purposes for years. That way, we are able to make collections that will stand the test of time, rather than creating ever-changing collections that go to waste due to the constantly changing trend patterns.   

In our hi-vis collections,  Joustava, Ilmava and Huomio, we use three colours: yellow, orange and black. By limiting the colours available, we are able to start monitoring the usage of energy and water in the colouring process.  


Our suppliers are currently based in Lithuania, China and Finland. Most of our workwear is made in Saugora factory in Lithuania. All products are designed in Finland.  

We expect our manufactures to respect human rand labour rights, as well as key regulations on workers’ health and safety. Moreover, we expect that our manufacturers respect nature and aspire to minimise their negative impact on the environment.   

We aim to develop our business activities to be as sustainable as possible—that will benefit us as well as the people and nature around us. We have noticed that the closer our production is, the better we are able to ensure that our values and conditions are upheld. Therefore, we have decided that in the following years, we will move our production closer to our customers and by 2023 all our production will be in Europe. 


Currently, the three most used fabrics are cotton and polyester. In addition, leather is used in shoes. We will not use real fur or down in our products.  

We are constantly looking for better solutions for the environment when it comes to our materials. Currently, we are focusing on finding sustainable materials as close as possible and designing our clothing so that they can be recycled after they have worn out.   


Plastic packaging is one of the biggest challenges of the textile industry. We decided to reduce single-use plastic in our packaging by tying individual products with rope inside one big plastic bag, instead of using multiple plastic bags. This way, the products are kept safe from dirt and humidity, but excess plastic bags are removed.   

In our store and storage, we pack the products with cardboard and bags made of recycled plastic. We use wooden hangers instead of plastic ones.   

We are currently looking for solutions to make our packaging more sustainable by using more recycled plastic or biodegradable materials.   


Social Responsibility 

Tuuma respects International Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the ILO Labour rules, and expects the same from our suppliers. We will do our best in ensuring that every worker enjoys decent and safe working conditions where they are able to develop their professional skills.    

We will have a dialogue with our suppliers and relevant stakeholders in monitoring the working conditions.