Custom Printed Workwear

Adding your logo or name on your workwear is an easy and effective way of increasing visibility to your company. We offer high quality, custom printed and embroidered logo workwear, fastly delivered everywhere in Finland. Please read about our options below and contact our customer service, and we’ll find the right clothing for you together!

Printing and embroiding

Our workwear can be printed or embroided by us via online order or by all of our retailers. In our online orders, we use Heat-Release Decal method, that enables small details and a variety of colors. Heat-Release Decal prints last long even in industrial washing. The most common places for a print is either the back or the front, but for us the most important thing is to find the right solution to every need, so please feel free to ask about the different options.

In our online store, you can place the order for a custom print via email ( Remember to include following information to the message:

  • The logo or text
  • Preferred location
  • Graphical instructions (optional)

We will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer or specifying questions. We are also happy to help with inquiries about the printing or designing.

In the case of printing, the delivery time can exceed the seven-day-limit outlined in the terms of delivery.


Placement options


Placing your logo or text at the front is an easy way to increase the visibility of your company, or to make the garment feel personal.


Placing your logo or text at the back is a good choice especially when you need the printing to be big.