Tuumaaspiresto move the workwear industry towards simpler and more sustainable direction. By constantly improving on our impact on the environment,peopleand society, we aim to becomeone ofthe most sustainable actors intheworkwear business.  Find the most important information and instructions for our online store and products on this page. If you have any questions, please find the contact information for our customer service at the bottom of this page. 


Our mission is to develop our collections so that no garment or shoe is made for nothing. Every product is designed to be simple, high-quality and sustainable.    

The objective is to design the products in a way that they work for multiple purposes for years. That way, we are able to make collections that will stand the test of time, rather than creating ever-changing collections that go to waste due to the constantly changing trend patterns.  

In our highvis collections we use only yellow, orange and black. By limiting the colours available, we are able to minimise the quantity of workwear that goes to waste as well as make the choosing of the right garments simple and easy.  

In addition to high visibility clothing, we produce accessories, footwear and leisure garments. 

Maintenance for workwear

We believe that clothing and footwear are the best investment when they work in many destinations for years. Then we have also been able to ensure that no materials or resources have been used in vain. 

Our products are designed to work. As construction workers well know, dirt and wearing cannot be avoided. On this page we have summarized key instructions on how to take care of the clothing and footwear so that their comfortability, appearance, and safety features will last as long as possible.