Tuuma is a new Finnish workwear brand, that aspires to move the workwear industry towards simpler and more sustainable direction. 


At Tuuma we want to drive the workwear industry in a more simple and sustainable direction. The fast fashion trend has impacted the workwear market as well, leading to a situation where big brands release myriad of, in our opinion, unnecessary new models every year. This is an unsustainable way to make workwear and it essentially puts pressure on workwear brands to take part in the race to the bottom with regards to production costs.

Tuuma makes simple yet functional workwear for everyone. At Tuuma we want to make products that worked yesterday, work today and will work in ten years. In case one of our products does not live up to this standard, we promise to put time and eort into improving it. There can only be one Tuuma product for each function at once.


The Founder of Tuuma, Henri Kurttila, has been in the Finnish workwear business for over a decade. The vision of his own brand has been forming itself for a long time, and finally in January 2021 Tuuma was established. 


More sustainable Workwear

Tuuma Workwear wants to move workwear market towards simpler and a more sustainable direction. Fast Fashion has been moving from fashion to workwear market, which has led to a situation, where big suppliers come out with tons of unnecessary new models every year. This is not a sustainable way to make workwear and it is not good for the cost of the products. 

Tuuma makes simple products, that worked yesterday, work now and will work in 10 years. If our product is not good enough, instead of making a new product we simply take the feedback and make our old model better. There can only be ONE Tuuma item for each purpose.