Huomio Craftsman Trousers Orange

Durable Craftsman Trousers with a perfect fit. The Trousers are made of durable blended fabric and they have a Teflon coating that provides protection from stain sand rain. Reinforced, loose-hanging pockets with multiple details. Reinforced on knees with a knee pad pocket. One leg pocket provides space for tools or a knife, and the other one is a flap pocket. The leg can be adjusted with buttons. Belt loops.

 To ensure that the Trousers fit perfectly for everyone, they are available also in size D.


: 79,00  (alv 0%)

If you want to order bigger quantity of this product, please send a request for quotation. We’ll be happy to calculate an offer for you.

Huomio Craftsman Trousers (HRT-Y)

Material: Yellow/Orange Twill 320g. Polyester 80% / Cotton 20%. Teflon coating. Black Twill 300g. Polyester 65% / Cotton 35%. Teflon coating.

Certificate: EN20471 CL1

Colours: Yellow/Black, Orange/Black

Sizes: C44-C64 / D88-D116

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C46, C48, C50, C52, C54, D88, D92, D96, D100, D104, D108, D112, C58, C44, C56, C60, C62, C64, D116


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